Technology Development


The RF protects the valuable intellectual property generated at SUNY campuses and works with business and industry to translate research discoveries into commercial products that serve to benefit society at large and spur economic development.

SUNY researchers who believe their research could be commercialized for public use and benefit should disclose an invention to their appropriate technology transfer office. This helps protect the intellectual property rights of both the inventor and the institution.

SUNY has seven innovation offices, including:

The RF’s Office of Innovation and Partnerships works with all other campuses that do not have a technology transfer office.

Technology transfer helps SUNY faculty, staff and students protect, develop, fund, and market their novel idea or invention by:

  • Identifying commercially viable inventions
  • Conducting technology assessments
  • Protecting intellectual property with patents and copyrights
  • Providing businesses and investors with a portfolio of innovations that can be licensed or spun into start-up companies 
  • Managing the licensing process

The RF also supports commercialization activities through the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund, which makes highly competitive awards to demonstrate proof-of-concept or develop initial prototypes for promising SUNY discoveries based on their potential for high impact commercialization.  These awards are intended to close the gap between research and commercialization. 

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For more information about Technology Development:

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