Technology Accelerator Fund

Congratulations SUNY TAF Winners

The Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) helps faculty inventors and scientists turn their research into market-ready technologies.

A significant obstacle to the development and transfer of university technology is the lack of funding for promising discoveries after government-sponsored support ends and before a licensee or venture-capital support is identified and secured.  Funding at this stage is essential to bring to market technology that has potential implications for public benefit.  The TAF program helps to bridge that gap for SUNY researchers.

Funded by the State University of New York, TAF targets critical research and development milestones - such as feasibility studies, prototyping and testing - which demonstrate that an idea or innovation has commercial potential.  The goal is to increase their attractiveness to potential investors.

TAF funding is awarded through a competitive process. Factors considered for the awards include the availability of intellectual property protection, marketability, commercial potential, feasibility and breadth of impact.

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