Stephen Bennett

Engineer, SUNY Poly


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Specialites:  Semiconductor research and development


Why I want to be a mentor:
The ability to help grow an individual's career.

Personal Statement:
I have managed a small engineer team for eight years on the SUNY Poly campus focused on semiconductor research and development. This has afforded the opportunity to lead a diverse team of individuals. To date all managerial training has been "on the job". I'm looking for a formal approach to managerial styles and the impacts on mentoring individuals in a leadership role.

The two most common philospohies shared with the team are coaching and stragetic. These philosophies have empowered the team and resulted in muliple promotions for individuals into the management ranks. In turn, this helps to keep a low turn over rate within the team.

Commitment to Diversity:
I supervise & oversee 10 engineerings related to semiconductor research for the past 8 years. The role has given the ability to hire, provide appraisals, program performances and mentor individuals.

Contact information: