Martin Rodgers

Integration Engineering Manager, SUNY Poly


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Specialites:   Integration Engineering


Why I want to be a mentor:
After 13 years of working at the RF I've been supported by many great people and now would like the opportunity to do the same for younger members of the team.

Personal Statement:
I've worked at the RF for 13 years in the CSR line at SUNY Poly covering technologies from 90nm down to 5nm and beyond. I love any challenge, may it be my work or just taking on a new project at home or golf.

For my team of engineers on a yearly basis, I adjust the projects assigned to the team members to align their skill sets with projects. In addition to this, where opportunities for improvement are evident, I align the team members who need training with others who excel in a given area.

Commitment to Diversity:
For yearly programs I work with my team to identify areas where they want to grow and try to craft as many opportunities as possible to enable them to improve themselves and as a result the RF.

Contact information: