Mark Raymond

Integration Development Engineer, SUNY Poly


Mark Raymond, Integration Development Engineer, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Specialites:   Semiconductor / Materials Science Research Engineering


Why I want to be a mentor:
Development of the individual that leads to a team with great "bench strength".

Personal Statement:
I have a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering with 27+ years of materials and semiconductor research & development on leading edge and derivative technologies. I've always enjoyed the learning and the teaching aspects of a collaborative team. Outside of work I enjoy woodworking, biking, and hiking.

The example would be the time spent with the individuals, and with the teams that I led, either as a technical lead, a people manager, or as a program manager. Additionally, I looked for opportunities to promote collaboration; this was done by setting up practices and setting expectations for data sharing and discussion in an open environment. Also, knowing when to step in during a meeting and redirect the "discussion energy" towards the data in question, rather the individual, is important to recognize and is something that I continue to strive to improve in myself.

Commitment to Diversity:
I lead a technical team for many years that was multi-cultural, multi-company, and rather diverse in its make-up. I routinely met with the individuals on the team, and would discuss the project from different perspectives; their contributions, program level vision, and technical discussions meant to help broaden their own understanding of the field. Additionally, the last couple of years I stepped into a dual role, one as a technical-people manager for my company in an Alliance environment and the other as the FEOL Unit Process lead for the IBM Pathfinding Research Alliance (as a non-IBM'er). My approach was similar to the technical team lead role, but now with additional dimensionality and with a broader technical and business scope.

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