Lisa Gilroy

Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs. Binghamton University


bio photo of Lisa Gilroy

Specialties:  Research and Sponsored Programs Administration (Pre and Post Award)


Why I want to be a Mentor:
One of the best opportunities available for growth is knowledge sharing. Being involved in the mentoring program allows and promotes just that, for both the proteges and the mentors.

Personal Statement:
I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Binghamton University community for over 33 years, and that doesn't count my time as a student. My non-working hours focus this year is to better my golf game....which needs all the hours i can possibly give it!!!

One of the most important things an organization can do to attract and retain talent is to provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth. This effort needs to extend beyond just yearly performance appraisals, but become embedded in the office culture. 

Commitment to Diversity:
As our campus division diversity officer, i am committed to developing a welcoming and supportive environment for faculty, staff and students, through diversity and inclusion. To advance an organization''s mission and commitment to excellence, you must work collaboratively and welcome ideas that are different from your own. That effort will bring new ideas and an enhanced level of creativity that will pave the way for improved processes and a more efficient operation to support your campus activities.

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