Lisa Gatti

Grants Admin / Business System Security, Buffalo State


Lisa Gatti, Grants Administrator/Business System Security Officer, Buffalo State

Specialites:    Grants Management


Why I want to be a mentor:
I enjoy helping others and when I started here at the RF, my supervisor became the best mentor to me. I was able to attain my degree and then my CRA with her support. I would like to do that for someone else.

Personal Statement:
I have worked at RF for nearly 18 years and love my job! I am very family oriented. I love to cook for all of the big holidays for my family. We have property in the country where we all spend time together. I love the outdoors and made sure my daughter did as well. We love to hike, hunt and kayak. I also love the arts, all genres. Music, dance, painting, and more give me great joy.

As a mother, I taught my daughter to stand up for the underdog, be their voice and support them. The most important thing to me is to help my family, friends and co-workers to be better people, to think of others and treat them as you would like to be treated. At work I help anyone who asks, or even when they don't if I see or hear them struggling with something. I believe we are a better team when we share our knowledge and help one another.

Commitment to Diversity:
I have worked with all kinds of people, of all different ages from all kinds of backgrounds. I believe in the sharing of knowledge to empower all. I like to assist or help others grow to feel confident.

Contact information: