Kate Malia

Director, Human Resources, RF Central Office


Kate Mailia, Director of Human Resources, Research Foundation Central Office

Specialties:  Human Resources working with sponsored awards


Why I want to be a Mentor: 
I was previously a mentor and found the experience very fulfilling. I enjoyed helping my colleagues grow in their individual pursuits and found that through this experience, we learned from each other.

Personal Statement: 
I am married with three children. With a busy household and busy job, a sense of humor is key and I try not to sweat the small stuff.

Currently, I volunteer for Boy Scouts and was a Girl Scout leader. Both of these organizations are dedicated to building leadership skills, confidence and character and it is exciting to see the children grow and maximize their potential. I also volunteer at the annual Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner.

Commitment to Diversity:  
I have worked at the Research Foundation for almost 20 years and believe that it takes a village to do the complex work and important work of this organization. It is through helping each other and welcoming diverse perspectives and viewpoints that we achieve the best outcome. I strive to create an open environment for information exchange, and to help my colleagues grow and accomplish their goals.

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