Judy Burns

Risk Management Coordinator & Insurance Specialist, RF Central Office


Judy Burns, Risk Management Coordinator & Insurance Specialist, Research Foundation Central Office

Specialites:   Insurance Specialist 


Why I want to be a mentor:
I want to continue to grow and learn, and remain confident while I learn. They've opened the box I lived in, and I really want out of that box more and more.

Personal Statement:
I am the mother of four children and the grandmother to one granddaughter (soon to be two!), four cats, and two dogs. I love to read and watch movies, and hang out with my children and grandchildren (all of them!).

Due to the success of my experience with the Mentoring program, I really want to assist others and help them to see the bigger picture and learn about their potential.

Commitment to Diversity:
Until this program, I was one of the super busy worker bees. This program helped me to ''wake up'' and see more of the world around me and showed me how to understand and work better with my coworkers.

Contact information: