Joshua Toas

Chief Compliance Officer, RF Central Office


Joshua B. Toas

Specialties:  Compliance, Law, Governance


Why I want to be a Mentor:
Helping others advance at the RF and in life.

Personal Statement:
When people ask what I do, I think they are expecting a career oriented response, but in truth I do not define myself by my career. Most importantly I'm a husband and father. When not working or spending time with family, you can usually find my practicing and coaching Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

Providing training and opportunities for personal and professional growth are an important part of my job as the RF's compliance official and one that I spend considerable time, effort, and resources on.

Commitment to Diversity:
Providing opporunities for professional development is one of the key responsibilities of a leader. I strongly believe that diversity is an ethical issue and that a diverse environment fosters better outcomes.

Contact information: 
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