Jennifer Mero

Associate Secretary of the University, SUNY System Administration


Jennifer Mero, Associate Secretary of the University, SUNY System Administration

Specialites:   Project Management, facilitating meetings, executive support 


Why I want to be a mentor:
I am motivated by helping mentees gain knowledge, contacts and insight into SUNY and NYS culture.

Personal Statement:
I am a passionate New Yorker who cares about politics, the environment, family, friends and travel. I spend my free time explore the global, hosting dinner for my friends and family, and training my puppy new tricks.

I have a democratic philosophy for leadership I believe that everyone should have equal say within the team. I values participation, consultation and consideration. I also believe leaders should underline co-operation and support.

Commitment to Diversity:
Working for the Board, we have a focus to spread diversity in each segment of the SUNY System, from presidential recruitment to ensuring our students from NYC successful navigate their education in a rural community. On a daily basis I provide critical feedback and guidance to the Trustees of the System, I believe this skills will transfer to a successful mentorship being able to help direct the mentee to a solid career path.

Contact information: