Jami Kingsley

Learning and Development Coordinator, RF Central Office


Jami Kingsley, Learning and Development Coordinator, RF Central Office

Specialites:    Event and Program Coordination & Adminstrative Support


Why I want to be a mentor:
Some of my most profound self-discoveries and growth have been the result of a great mentor. I hope to pass along the same gift that I received; to help someone find their strengths and learn more about themselves so they can succeed while being their best self.

ersonal Statement:
I am an empty-nester with 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy entertaining, physical activity of any kind, cooking, reading, and my church family. I facilitate a dance / exercise class for fun.

My mission in life is to help people (woman, in particular) to realize and achieve their goals and truly believe in themselves. Sometimes we all get "stuck" in a box, either we get put there, or we think that is where we belong; I like helping people to break out of their "box".

Commitment to Diversity:
I have worked in a professional office setting my entire career. As an executive and personal assistant for 25+ years, it was essential to engage with every walk of life and many diverse individuals in a very open way. I have always found that our diversity is what actually engages and connects us. The more we are exposed to diversity, the more we can learn & grow.  My church family is probably the most diverse group of people (in so many ways) that I know.  This has truly opened my mind and my heart.

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