Denise Gaffor

School Evaluation Analyst, NYC Charter School Institute


Denise Gaffor, School Evaluation Analyst, NYC Charter Schools Institute

Specialites:   Education & Human Resources


Why I want to be a mentor:
I am motivated by the wealth of support, advice and encouragement I received throughout my personal and professional life. When others set goals and work relentlessly toward them, I am buoyed by the joy they feel on reaching their trajectory of success.

Personal Statement:
I am the youngest of 12 and a first generation college graduate. My parents instilled in me the importance of education and achieving your goals as it opens up a world of opportunities. I am committed to lifelong education and becoming a better person every day because I believe that when you know better you have to do better. Being a mentor is a great way to continue the trajectory or learning while supporting and serving as a guide to others who may need help in navigating their way to greater achievement and success.

I stand on the shoulders of family, friends, and a community of elders who support and encourag me to be the best that I can be. Today I am a role model for my nieces, nephews, coworkers, and mentees. I believe in lifting others as I rise and am committed to giving back to my many communities and helping others to reach their full potential and become their best selves so they too can pay it forward.

Commitment to Diversity:
As a former HR professional for 10+ years, and now a strong advocate for equity and inclusion in schools and a relentless supporter in closing the Achievement Gap, I developed and supported an environment that valued diversity by creating, promoting, and maintaining activities and programs that furthered the understanding of individual and group diversity, and communicated policies and promoted values that support tolerance and anti-discrimination practices.

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