Christopher Borst

Assoc. VP for 300mm Technical Ops., SUNY Poly


Christopher Borst, Associate VP for 300mm Technical Operations, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Specialites:    Semiconductor Technology Development, Management, and Operations


Why I want to be a mentor:
I have experiences to share; I have been successful at the Research Foundation; and I am interested in speaking to individuals who have interest in being mentored.

Personal Statement:
I've been with NYS/RF for 13 years, in varying levels of technical management. I've progressed through the management chain. I've worked with faculty, staff, students, industry partners, and state agencies. I have learned from (and I believe thrived in) each of those interactions. I wish to continue those successes and assist others to follow a similar path.

I was mentored as an individual contributor engineer (briefly) at Texas Instruments. I believe time spent in developing individuals, expressing your values and interests, pays multiplied dividends to that person's job performance and satisfaction, to their peers and (eventually) to their reports.

Commitment to Diversity:
I manage 8 individuals, with >200 collective reports within my chain. I foster and support diversity in opinion, culture, and gender across each of my organizations.

Contact information: