Alan Tosi

Director of IT Operations, RF Central Office


Alan Tosi, Director of IT Operations, RF Central Office

Specialities:  IT Operations, Vendor Management, & IT Financials


Why I want to be a Mentor:
There is no greater joy than knowing that you have had a long lasting and positive influence on helping somebody achieve their goals and aspirations. I have had the succinct pleasure of watching team members develop from interns, fresh out of college, to senior level technical and managerial roles. At the same time, these team members are also growing and maturing on a personal level. To have been a part of that brings a lot of inner satisfaction to have made a difference.

Personal Statement:
Outside of IT, I have a very diverse set of hobbies and interests. During the warm season I can almost always be found outside tending to our koi pond and assorted gardens. In the winter months, I repair and restore classic arcades and pinball machines. My wife and I are very active with our English Setters year round. We participate in shows, agility, and therapy dog work.

I think people have to develop their own leadership style based on their life's experiences. In order to do that, I think it is important to see diversity in leadership. What works for one, may not work for somebody else. So to me, it's about presenting diversity. The commitment to development comes from the person seeking the development. If that commitment exists, then the commitment is mutual.

Commitment to Diversity:
You know you have achieved commitment to diversity when you no longer need to "think" about diversity in the things that you do. It is simply second nature. Nowhere did I learn more about diversity than my time as a submariner in the US Navy. To successfully work in such an environment, you have to respect the diversity of the crew (socially, economically, geographically, etc.) and know how to leverage that diversity to create a strong team. I have always carried that throughout my career outside of the Navy.

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