Paid Time Off: Personal Leave


Employees eligible for personal paid time off (PTO) should use this leave for absences due to pressing personal business and other similar circumstances, such as medical appointments, banking, and meetings with attorneys, that cannot be taken care of other than during normal working hours. The Research Foundation (RF) does not require an employee to give a reason for use of personal leave.

Eligible employees may also use accrued personal PTO for leave approved and taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For additional information that applies specifically to the administration of leave under FMLA, see FMLA: Notification and Procedure for Leave Taken Under FMLA.


Exempt employees are not eligible for personal leave.

Non-exempt employees who are salaried and who are appointed at a minimum of .5 full-time equivalent (FTE) are eligible for personal leave unless they are

When Accruals Begin

Personal leave (available to nonexempt employees only) is credited on the date of hire and is available for immediate use.

Accrual Rate for Nonexempt Employees

Eligible full-time employees will receive five days personal leave on their hire date and each subsequent anniversary of the employee's continuous service date.

Eligible part-time employees will receive a prorated number of days personal leave on their anniversary date each year; for example, if employed at .75 FTE, the number of personal leave days is 3.75 each year.


Unused personal leave from the previous anniversary year will not be carried over.

Payment at Termination

No payment is made for unused personal leave at termination of employment.



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