Paid Time Off: Holiday Leave


Managers should be regularly informed by the operating location's office responsible for Research Foundation (RF) personnel regarding employees' unused holiday leave accrual balances. Managers should not unreasonably withhold use of holiday leave and should encourage employees to use this leave within a reasonable period of time (i.e., within 1 calendar year).

An employee who is required to work on a holiday will be granted holiday leave. If employees do not use holiday leave before employment terminates, the holiday leave is lost.

Full-Time Employees

A full-time employee will receive holiday leave for all holidays, regardless of whether the employee is scheduled to work that day or not. The maximum holiday leave credited will be 7.5 hours for a 37.5 hour work week or 8 hours for a 40 hour work week.

A full-time employee who takes leave on a holiday will receive a full day's pay.

Part-Time Employees

A part-time employee receives holiday leave for only those holidays that fall on a day that the employee is regularly scheduled to work or that are designated as floating holidays that fall on a Saturday or a Sunday. However, if a holiday that falls on a work day is designated as a floating holiday (e.g., election day), the employee must be scheduled to work that day to earn the floating holiday.

Part-time employees must have a work schedule on file with the office responsible for RF personnel in order to be eligible for holiday leave.

A part-time employee who takes leave on a holiday will receive pay for the hours he or she is scheduled to work. A part-time employee's work schedule should not be arbitrarily changed prior to a Research Foundation holiday to deprive the employee of holiday pay or to provide additional pay inconsistent with the work schedule followed prior to the holiday.

Student Employees

Employees assigned to the following student title(s) are not eligible to receive holiday leave:

Holiday Schedule

The following holidays are legal holidays currently observed by the Research Foundation:

Oracle System Process for Floating Holidays

For holidays designated as floating holidays by the Research Foundation corporate office, a process will be run to add the appropriate accrual amount to eligible employee records. The process will be run the weekend after the holiday occurs.

All Regular and Summer Only employees who are active or on paid leave AND have the PTO Holiday Accrual element will receive the floating holiday. All exempt employees will receive one day and all nonexempt employees will receive either 7.5 or 8 hours based on their work schedule. Campuses should adjust the holiday credited to part-time employees based on their work schedule.

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