Military Leave


Effective September 14, 2001, employees who are called to active military duty will be paid for up to 22 work days or 30 calendar days, whichever is greater, during any one calendar year or any continuous period of ordered military service. After this leave is exhausted, employees may use accrued vacation, holiday, or personal leave credit or be put on leave without pay for the period of their military duty. Military leave will be charged to the employee's current project award.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not allow salary reductions of less than a full workweek for exempt employees who are called to military duty. An exempt employee who has no appropriate leave accruals must be advanced appropriate leave so the absence of less than one week is paid in full.

Requesting Leave

The employee must give advance written or verbal notice of service, except in cases of military necessity, and must submit a copy of orders to his or her manager. The General Requirements section of "Requesting Leave" also applies to those taking leave for military purposes.

Reemployment After Service

Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) of 1994, an employee is entitled to re-employment by the Research Foundation upon separation from military service, provided the employee:

Accruals for Vacation and Sick Leave

Accruals for vacation and sick leave are discontinued for the duration of unpaid leave. However, length of service during military leave will be credited for the purpose of determining accrual rates.


Retirement contributions cease when an employee is off the payroll while on military leave. Qualifying military service will be credited towards service for vesting and contribution rate when the employee returns to RF payroll. Retroactive contributions have to be made to the Basic Retirement Plan for the period of military service, based on the employee’s salary in effect at the start of the military leave. Campus administrators should contact Central Office Retirement Unit when an employee returns from service to be sure they are credited for service and contributions correctly.

Leave for Spouses

Effective August 16, 2006, spouses of members of the armed forces who have been deployed during a period of military conflict are allowed to take ten days unpaid leave time when that employee's spouse is on leave from the armed forces. Spousal military leave will run concurrently with all other types of leave available to the employee.

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