Jury Duty and Court Appearances

Jury Duty

The Research Foundation (RF) recognizes that jury duty is a civic obligation of all citizens. Research Foundation (RF) employees, who should request jury duty leave from their manager, will receive the necessary time off with full pay to fulfill that obligation. Documentation, such as a jury duty voucher, and advance notice of service are required.

An employee is expected to report to work on days when his/her attendance in court is not required. If an employee is not required to attend a full day in court, the employee is expected to report for work before or after court attendance or charge the time not in court to accrued leave (excluding sick leave).

Court Appearances

If an employee is appearing in court on the behalf or at the request of the Research Foundation, that employee will receive the necessary time off with full pay.

If an employee is an expert witness, a party to the action (plaintiff/ defendant), or a subpoenaed or otherwise ordered witness, she or he may charge accrued leave (excluding sick leave) for the absence or take the time off without pay. FLSA does not allow salary reductions of less than a full workweek for exempt employees appearing as a witness in court. An exempt employee who has no appropriate leave accruals must be advanced appropriate leave so the absence of less than one week is paid in full.



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