Prescription Drug Plan: Drugs Preferred by Medco


This document explains how to access a list of prescription drugs that are preferred by Medco, the Research Foundation's (RF's) prescription drug plan provider for the RF regular health plan.


The RF regular health plan includes prescription drug coverage with Medco. Medco maintains a list of "preferred" prescription drugs that help to control prescription drug costs and are available at a lower copay. This list is called a formulary, and it includes a wide selection of effective medications. Medco advises plan participants to review the list with their doctor to discuss whether any of the formulary drugs are right for them.

The formulary is available on Medco's website (see next section for instructions). For more information, Medco may be contacted by telephone: 1-800-251-7690.

How to Access the Medco Formulary

The Medco formulary of preferred prescription drugs is available on Medco's website. It may be accessed as follows:

  1. In your Internet browser, go to
  2. On the home page left navigation bar, select Clients. The Client Services page displays.
  3. Scroll down the page to the section titled Formulary management.
    That section contains a link to download the PDF file of the entire formulary.
    Alternatively, you may click the link to the Interactive Preferred Prescriptions Formulary Tool, which allows you to search the formulary index for a specific drug by name or by treatment category, or you may click the link to the Interactive Rx Selections Formulary Tool, which searches an index of only the lowest cost prescription drugs.

    Note: Viewing and printing the PDF file requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

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