Miscellaneous Expense Policy - Effective until 3/14/2013


This document describes the Research Foundation (RF) policies regarding telecommunications used during RF travel, dependents accompanying the traveler, and extended travel status.

Business Communications

All necessary local and long distance telephone calls and necessary faxes of documents are reimbursable when business need is appropriately documented. To minimize substantial additional charges added by hotels, it is recommended that the traveler

Documentation Requirements

Telephone calls are appropriately documented by listing the name of the party called, place called, date of call and reason for call. Faxes are documented by listing the date, purpose, fax number to which the document was sent, recipient, and number of pages for each facsimile. If available, receipts should be attached.

Personal Calls

While the traveler is in travel status, the RF will reimburse for personal calls that allow the traveler reasonable contact with his or her immediate family. Each campus will establish its own method of reimbursement, documentation, and description of reasonableness.

Accompanying Dependents

Travel costs for dependents accompanying the traveler are not reimbursable except when allowed by the sponsor. Written evidence documenting sponsor approval must accompany the travel payment form in all cases when such costs are claimed.

Extended Travel Status

When a traveler is on an indefinite assignment (versus a temporary assignment) and makes arrangements for accommodations at other than a hotel/motel, the operations manager or designee should determine whether the per diem should be adjusted to an amount comparable with the cost incurred. According to IRS regulations, an assignment expected to last less than one year will usually be treated as temporary. The operations manager or designee should also determine whether it is in the best interest of the sponsored project or RF to change the employee’s official station to the address of the destination office to which the traveler is assigned.

When authorized by the operations manager or designee, an employee will be reimbursed for expenses incurred when returning home on weekends or holidays. Reimbursement is limited to the amount the employee would have received had he or she remained in the field.



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