Signature Delegation Procedure

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Susan Zaffers-Vincelette

Basis for Procedure

To ensure signature authority delegations have been established and are documented in accordance with the Signature Authority Policy.

Procedure Summary

The RF has created a process to formally document the delegation of signature authority for key functional responsibilities to operate the business, obligate the RF, and commit its resources. When a new Officer is either elected or appointed, they must review all signature delegations granted under previous incumbents and update these delegations accordingly. The following procedure outlines the steps necessary to complete this process. Prior to delegating his or her signature authority an Officer should consider the following:

Procedure Steps


Role or Responsibility


Officer reviews current delegations and determines the appropriate authority and delegates. Newly appointed officers will be given a review of the process by Central Office at orientation. The Compliance Office will guide Appointed and Elected Officers through the forms and process necessary to complete their delegations

Central Office staff for Appointed Officers, Chief Compliance Officer for Elected Officers


Annually, Operations Manager completes Delegation of Authority Form for their campus to identify which key functional responsibilities are being delegated. This includes designation of a deputy OM.

  • Campus OMs complete the RF form.
  • The updated form is sent to by the due date outlined in the original correspondence. If the OMs or staff with signature authority changes during the fiscal year, a new form must be completed and sent to CO for filing.

Operations Manager


The campus must also keep on file all granted delegations of authority. This must be reviewed and updated at least annually or when changes occur. These delegations must be available upon request when audited. This Detailed Delegations template can be used for this purpose or a form of the campuses design with similar elements.

Operations Manager or Deputy Operations Manager

This template can be completed with titles or staff names, which ever works best for the campus location.

Original signatures must be obtained from each individual delegated authority by the RF Operations Manager using the RF Campus Authorized Signatures form. These must also be kept on file and available upon request.

Operations Manager or Deputy Operations Manager


OMs should formally notify the individual(s) who have been delegated authority

  • This Deputy OM template letter can be used to appoint and notify the Deputy OM.
  • For all others a simple email as exampled below can be used.

    As of 7/XX/XX, you have been delegated the following authority:

  • List those authorities and limits granted per the detailed delegation template

Operations Manager or Deputy Operations Manager

As an alternate to detailing limits or authorities, the detailed delegation template can be attached to an email and sent to all delegates. Also, it is recommended that the delegate acknowledge the authority granted

Based on the approved delegations, OMs should then solicit the appropriate forms (i.e. Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure, Code of Conduct for those not employed by the RF, etc) from the individuals and file or return to CO as required.

Operations Manager or Deputy Operations Manager



Appointed Officer is an individual appointed by the Research Foundation board or RF president as an officer who is given the signature authority and administrative authority to perform Senior Executive duties, and includes operations managers at the operating locations of the RF.

Elected Officer is an officer elected under the Research Foundation’s bylaws, including the Research Foundation’s president, general counsel, secretary, and chief financial officer and excluding those appointed pursuant to Article IV Section 13 of the RF’s bylaws as appointed officers.

Officer is any Elected or Appointed Officer.

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