Property Disposition at Project Termination


This document describes procedures for returning property at the termination of a project.

Causes for Return

At project termination a project director may no longer want certain items of property provided by a sponsor or at termination a sponsor may insist upon return of its property. In either case, the property must be disposed of according to sponsor guidelines and in a timely manner.

Disposition of Sponsor Property

The following table indicates the procedure to be followed in order to return property to a sponsor at project termination.




Review the sponsor's guidelines:

  • if there are no guidelines for disposition, then dispose of the property through normal operating location channels.
  • if there are disposition guidelines for disposition, then go to Step 2.


Contact the sponsor with a formal letter requesting approval for disposal. Request information concerning how property return should be made and to whom the property should be sent.


Arrange a mutually acceptable shipping procedure and ship the item requesting a property return receipt.


When a property return receipt has been received, retire the property from active status on the PCS.


Document termination in the property section of the sponsor's account file.

Disposition of Research Foundation (RF) Property

At project termination a project director may wish to dispose of property for which title vests with the Research Foundation. To dispose of this property project directors must use the Status Change Request Form (F110) or a location designed equivalent to indicate the desire to dispose and to get appropriate approvals. After receiving the appropriate approvals, the Research Foundation property may be removed and disposed of through standard operating location procedures.


Operating Locations

The RF operations manager is responsible for ensuring that



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