Electronic Record Management Policy

Effective Date:

December 26, 2014



Policy Review Date:

3 years

Issuing Authority:

Research Foundation President

Responsible Party:

Joshua B. Toas, Chief Compliance Officer

Contact Information:




This document provides The Research Foundation for SUNY (RF) policy for electronic record (e-record) management. It provides the background of the federal government authorization and RF approval for use of e-records, defines an e-record, provides the requirements for management of e-records to ensure compliance with the policy, and identifies the sources of reference.


Federal Government Authorization

The federal government provides grantees with the authorization to use e-records and alternate storage mediums according to:

RF Approval by DHHS

E-Record Versus Text Record

The definition of an e-record as compared to a text document is:


Operating locations that choose to use and maintain e-records must establish procedures that provide for the:

Creation and Use of E-Record

Operating locations that maintain the office of record copy of documents must establish a procedure to implement the use of e-records in substitution for original records. The procedures must ensure the:

Security of E-Records

Operating locations must establish an effective e-records security procedure to:

Selection and Maintenance of Alternate Storage Medium

Operating locations must select appropriate alternate mediums and system for storing e-records throughout the retention period. The mediums and systems must:

Retention, Disposition and Destruction of E-Records

Operating locations must retain, dispose, and destroy e-records according to the RF Record Retention Policy, and must apply additional considerations for e-records. The additional considerations include the:


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