Publishes Annual Financial Reports

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RF Financial Concepts 101 

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 4: Finding and Understanding RF Financial Data

RF Publishes Annual Financial Reports

The RF publishes the following financial reports:

  • Operating Plan: A comprehensive resource for all stakeholders to understand the RF's business, the Operating Plan outlines specific steps the RF will take to implement the Strategic Plan and also outlines the corporation's annual budget which includes descriptions and charts to show the sources and uses of RF funds.
  • Annual Report: An overview of major activities and the corporation's financial condition during the previous fiscal year.
  • Single Audit Report (Formerly A-133 Report): Provides an independent opinion on how the RF administers and spends federal funds.
  • IRS Form 990: An annual report given to the IRS by tax-exempt organizations like ours to provide financial information as well as information about the RF’s mission and programs. Refer to the Reader's Guide for explanations of key information contained in the RF’s IRS Form 990.
  • IRS Form 990T: An annual report given to the IRS by tax exempt organizations to provide exempt organization business income.

What the Data Shows

The financial data provided in the reports look ahead and project a financial outlook for the coming fiscal year and look back and present actual numbers from the previous fiscal year.


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The RF website functions as a comprehensive resource for information about the RF. The address is

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