Looking Back: Annual Financial Statement

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RF Financial Concepts 101

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 4: Finding and Understanding RF Financial Data

RF Annual Report Looks Back at the Financials from Previous Fiscal Year

While the RF's Operating Plan looks ahead and projects funding and spending for the upcoming fiscal year using budget estimates, the Annual Report looks back and reports on the actual results for the year.

The Audited Financial Statements contains three tables of standard financial data that together provide a detailed picture of the RF's finances for the year:

  • Balance Sheet: This is a snapshot of the RF's financial condition, and includes the RF's assets (things that have economic value) followed by the liabilities (an obligation or something owed).
  • Statement of Activities: This is a detailed reporting of the RF's income and expenses for the fiscal year. This not only shows our sponsored programs funding, but also funding we get from IP commercialization, investments, and other income.
  • Statement of Cash Flows: This is a standard financial report on the cash that comes into and goes out of the RF, broken down by operating activities, investment activities, and financing activities. Strong operating cash levels are important, as they allow the RF to fund accounts receivables on research projects. For example, when funds have not yet been distributed by the sponsor, the RF can use operational cash to fund a research program until the sponsor provides the funds.


2016 RF Annual Report offers the core Who, What, Where, When and Why of the RF and presents specific examples of how SUNY's multi-layered research community is solving problems, creating solutions, and improving our world.

Where to Find More Information 

The RF's Annual Report and a historical archive of reports going back to 2008 are available on the Annual Reports page of the RF website.

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