RF Uses Funds for Systems and Infrastructure that Support SUNY Campuses

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RF Financial Concepts 101 

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 2: Understanding How the RF Uses Funds

RF Uses Funds for Systems and Infrastructures that Support SUNY Campuses

The Research Foundation uses funds to provide the services, systems and infrastructure that support the SUNY research enterprise around the state and around the world.

The RF provides a business system and specialized software that support sponsored programs administration and innovation support services as well as legal, audit, financial accounting, human resource management and information technology services.

The RF invests in strategic initiatives to stimulate research and innovation growth across the SUNY system and provides the proof-of-concept funding needed to make SUNY’s most promising technologies commercially viable.

What the Data Shows
In 2018 the RF expects to spend $27.7 million on people, systems and infrastructure for central office operations that support the RF system-wide.  The RF expects to spend $3.9 million on strategic initiatives dedicated to a solid, focused program that wraps much of our work on system-wide technology initiatives begun in prior years and moves forward with a global reach and an eye toward industry partnerships.

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SUNY Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS)

SUNY PACs is a multi-year collaborative project that will result in the implementation of the online "Click Portal" solution. This solution will support principal investigators, students and compliance and research administration staff by automating the submission, review, approval, and ongoing management of all major aspects of the research administration and compliance lifecycle.  It will allow participating SUNY campuses to achieve a new level of uniformity and efficiency, while producing valuable data analytics to guide future business decisions.

Where to Find More Information 

Please refer to the 2018 Operating Plan.  

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