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RF Financial Concepts 101 

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 1: Understanding RF Sources of Income 

Funds Generated from Investment

The fourth source of RF funds comes from returns on investment. The RF has fiduciary responsibility for over $206 million in investment assets. The projected net return on these investments in 2018 is $9.3 million.

To minimize potential losses, the RF maintains a diversified investment portfolio. Investments are held with the investment custodian, a third-party company, in the RF’s name.

What the Data Shows

Net investment income is projected based upon an assumed average investment balance and a long term rate of return of the operating pool.  The RF projects net income of $9.3 million in FY 2018.

Marissa Louis, an RNA Fellow at the University at Albany

The RF provides support for SUNY undergraduate students to participate in research experiences, particularly in STEM fields, to keep them in the SUNY system and ultimately employed in the State of New York.

Marissa Louis, an RNA Fellow at the University at Albany, is poised to find answers to the puzzle of how regulation of messenger RNA (mRNA) – a molecule that carries specific genetic codes to parts of the cell – affects Zika, a re-emerging mosquito-borne virus. 


Where to Find More Information 

Please refer to the 2018 Operating Plan

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