SUNY Polytechnic Institute News

Researchers collaborate to improve post-surgical outcomes

Multi-campus team has made enormous progress toward building an implantable sensor that can detect and treat infections.

Early career researcher wins grants to push boundaries of data analysis

Within SUNY Poly’s young engineering program, Dr. Firas Khasawneh serves as an example and mentor to others.

Grants, investments boost SUNY Poly CNSE start-up

Glauconix, Inc, which has attracted $575,000 in grants and investments since its founding, is climbing steadily toward its commercial debut.

Students a key component of the SUNY Networks of Excellence

Two graduate students contribute to SUNY Networks of Excellence research projects in preparation for careers in multidisciplinary fields.

Aphid-like sensors track trees' response to global warming

SUNY scientists are developing a sensor—modeled after the sap-sucking aphid—that measures changes in carbohydrates within individual trees in real time.

SUNY professors collaborate to build a better brain probe

Project seeks to pave the way to an NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) grant