Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the New RF Website

Here is some information to help you carry out the tasks you need to perform on the new RF public website.  

  1. Update Your Bookmarks. Change your links to reflect the new content location so you can easily access the information you use most. Refer to the Content Crosswalk for help finding frequently used content on the site. 

  2. Contacts  
    Technical questions or issues - contact Customer Services: or
    (518) 434-7222.  

    Content and usability questions or

  3. Login.  Log in to the internal RF website following the same process as always. Go to and select the Login button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Enter your user name and password

  4. Search. Perform a search from the top right corner of any page on the RF public website. Drop-down functionality allows you to search directly from your current web page.  

  5. Give Us Your Feedback. Do you have comments or suggestions about the RF website? We want to hear them! Your input will help us meet our goal of providing an outstanding user experience. Find a link to in the footer of every web page.