Top 10 Features & Benefits of the New RF Public Website


  1. Modern user interfaces guide you to content based on your role or interests.

  2. Mobile friendly responsive design automatically adjusts for desktops, tablets and smart phones for optimal viewing and navigation.

  3. Dynamic online presence is continually updated with RSS, Twitter, Facebook and blog feeds.

  4. Filters create customized views; sorting by date, content type, most popular, social media and more.

  5. Articles and videos showcase research and innovation taking place system wide.

  6. Comment feature to spark conversations.

  7. Multi-point social media integration to connect and interact with others.

  8. Tags that direct you to information related to your particular interests.

  9. Sharing functionality allows you to easily send content by email or post on your social media sites.

  10. Enhanced print capabilities produce clean, readable hard copies of online information. 


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