Policies & Procedures by Topic – Innovation and Partnerships



Administration of Industrial Relationships Guidelines
These guidelines are designed to guide administrators to be cognizant of applicable policies and best practices as they support industrial relations and navigate the contracting process with industry partners.



Computer Software Policy Requirements
Requires State University of New York (SUNY) and Research Foundation (RF) employees to notify their campuses of software they develop and covers the various aspects of ownership, administration and promotion of such computer software.

Copyright Policy
Identifies staff and University rights to copyright and publish written works.



Distribution of Royalty Income Policy



Equity Participation Guidelines
Lists the conditions under which the RF will consider accepting stock as a substitute for cash royalties from companies that license University-owned inventions.



Guidelines for Industry Sponsored Research Agreements

Guidelines for Managing Licensing Agreements
Ensures compliance with reporting and royalty payment procedures

Guidelines for Materials Testing Agreements



Intellectual Property Policy



Managing Conflicts of Interest Guidelines
These guidelines were designed in conformance with RF’s Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct to guide researchers and administrators to be aware of applicable legal and regulatory standards in identifying, disclosing and managing conflicts of interest which may arise in the conduct of SUNY research and commercialization programs.



Patents and Inventions Policy
Intends to ensure that the public receives the benefit of all inventions made by persons working in State University facilities. Meet the members of the SUNY Patents and Inventions Policy Board here.

Protection of Intellectual Property Policy
Requires campuses to notify the RF Office of General Counsel and Secretary of all actual or potential infringement of intellectual property rights.



University-Industry Cooperative Use of Research Equipment (RF has adopted this SUNY Policy as per the 1977 Charter)

Use of University Facilities by Emerging Technology Enterprises (RF has adopted this SUNY Policy as per the 1977 Charter)