Measurable Continuous Improvement (MCI) Project

Project Timeline

The Measurable Continuous Improvement (MCI) project will institutionalize a quantitative discipline of continuous improvement across RF functions and processes.  

During a three-month pilot, the project team will develop a methodology for measuring continuous improvement at the RF that will be rolled out across all functional areas. Teams in three pilot areas - Time and Leave Administration, Payroll and Accounts Receivable - will work to:  

  • Define  effectiveness and efficiency specific to each function;
  • Identify  appropriate performance metrics for effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Develop  a dashboard concept for each function and a plan for technical implementation;
  • Identify  and implement "quick hit" operational improvements;
  • Analyze  the organizational structure to ensure it is designed to take advantage of economies of scale and deliver the highest quality customer service; and
  • Create  a lessons learned document to feed into the system-wide implementation.

For more information about the project, visit the MCI project page or contact Project Manager Ellen Kelly (518.434.7237).  For access to the project page, please send an e-mail to Customer Services.  To share feedback about the project, please send an e-mail to