E-Time Reporting Project

The E-time Reporting Project, included in the RF Operating Plan, will deliver the ability for employees to enter their time and attendance on line.  The on-line timesheet or exception report will then be electronically routed to their supervisor for approval. E-time reporting will increase efficiency and reduce risk by automating workflows and eliminating the need to re-key data. 

Benefits of this new system include:

  1. HR administrators no longer have to input time and leave.
  2. HR administrators can more easily retrieve timecards for review or audit.
  3. Employees can track leave balances and the status of their time sheets.
  4. Leave balances will automatically calculate and employees will not be able to take more than their current balance.
  5. Overtime hours will automatically calculate based on campus rules.
  6. Employees will be able to track where their time sheet is in the approval process. 
  7. Employees and supervisors will receive reminder emails when timesheets are due and ready to approve.

The new system is scheduled to be implemented this fiscal year. 

User Acceptance Testing for E-time Reporting

When: February 8 – March 1, 2016 (with the potential to be extended)

What: Use the new system to enter and approve timecards/exception reports and participate in weekly calls to discuss any issues or questions.

Where:  Oracle Business Applications - Sandbox Instance

Who: Any employee entered into the system by January 29, 2016.  These scenarios might be helpful in selecting employees at your campus to participate.

  1. The employee must have Oracle leave elements and balances.  If you have not yet been in contact with central office on the process to have these added to employee records but would still like to participate, please contact Mary Ann Diamond.
  2. The employee must have the correct supervisor on their Oracle assignment record and that supervisor must also participate in the testing.  If you have not been using the supervisor field to accurately record supervisors, but would still like to participate, please contact Susan Zaffers.

How: As mentioned above, we will use the Oracle Business Applications Sandbox for testing. Employees will access this test instance on the internal site using the same RF User ID and password they use to access Employee Self-Service. You may use this sample language to invite your employees to test the system, but at a minimum employees should receive:

A. Instructions for accessing the Sandbox instance:

    1. Log on to the RF Intranet by going to www.rfsuny.org and clicking the LOGIN link on the top left.  The user id and password is the same as the one you use to access employee self-service.
    2. On the Intranet home page, use the left side navigation and select the Training option.
    3. On the far right of the training home page, there is a box called Oracle EBS Sandbox.  In the box click the Sandbox link.
    4. This will open the test instance and display the menu you have in the non-test environment.

B. The appropriate step by step instructions for entering, submitting and approving timecards:

C. The option to participate in a live demonstration of the new system:

    • Tuesday, February 16, at 11am
Number 855-830-3230
ID# 481 463 7430
Join WebEx meeting


    • Wednesday, February 17, at 2pm
Number 855-830-3230
ID# 481 463 7430
Join WebEx meeting
Communication:  Weekly calls for campus administrators will be held on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. beginning on February 2 and continuing through the User Acceptance Testing period to discuss any issues or questions you may have.  Call in information is the same each week:

Number: 855-830-3230
ID#: 481 463 7430 
Webex Link: Join WebEx meeting

In between calls, please send all questions and issues to E-timeReportingUAT@rfsuny.org.  This email address will be monitored by several CO staff members to timely respond to your questions and issues.

Administrator Review:  As part of UAT we will also be testing the administrator review and processing of timecards, instructions to do this are E-time Reporting Administrator Review Instructions .