Project Overview

The myRF project will deliver a new RF IntranetThere are approximately 650 pilot users currently using myRF and providing feedback that is helping to improve myRF before it is rolled out to all users.

myRF will provide all the content and access to tools that you currently use to accomplish your work, along with new functionality to facilitate collaboration across campus locations. Some examples include:

  • People search to locate and work with other myRF users. 

  • Interactive organization charts for central office staff so you can easily find who to contact at central office.

  • Document sharing and collaboration libraries. 

  • Discussion forums that enable teams to communicate quickly and easily. 

  • Automated workflows to make cumbersome, paper-based processes more efficient.   

A campus advisory team is providing input on key project decisions to ensure campus needs are met. Learn more about the myRF Campus Advisory Team

In addition, the implementation of myRF will greatly reduce operating costs by enabling the RF to retire antiquated technology that is costly to maintain. 


Please send your questions about myRF to