Supervisor Training

Training for RF Supervisors

A Learning Tuesday program was offered on July 26, 2016 entitled What All RF Supervisors Need to Know. This training is archived and available on demand for all new supervisors, or as a refresher.

Additionally, this training may be shared with new supervisors attending RF Overview sessions. Conversations with HR leaders are faciliated allowing all new supervisors an opportunity to learn from common challenges and outcomes at other campus locations and get answers to their questions.

What All RF Supervisors Need to Know


1. Welcome, Introduction, Learning Objectives 

2. Topics include:

  • Classification of employees, student employees, independent contractors, and fellows
  • Exempt versus nonexempt
  • Leave under Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and paid time off

(3 minutes)

(19 minutes)

3. Topics include:

  • Recruitment
  • Nepotism
  • Onboarding

4. Topics include:

  • Performance Management
  • Professional Development Planning

(14 minutes)

(14.5 minutes)

5. Leadership Academy

6. Topic includes:

  • Employment at Will
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Engagement and Morale

(5 minutes)

(15 minutes)

7. Questions and Closing


(1 minute)