Alexis Phillips

Compliance Assistant, RF Central Office


photo of Alexis Phillips

Mentored By:  Kerry Gilchrist, Central Office

Why I want to be a Protege:

"Ultimately, I am eager to network and learn from the paths of others and develop some career objectives of my own. Additionally, personal, professional development and improve public speaking skills. Gain a greater cross functional awareness of the RF."

Personal Statement:

"I am a proud SUNY Fredonia graduate with a degree in Business Administration in Management and a French Minor. I grew up outside of Syracuse, NY. Outside of work I enjoy going to concerts and spending time with my family, friends and cat."


"Truthfully, I'm looking for guidance in developing my goals. My primary goal after graduating in December of 2015 was to find a decent job in my field. Since obtaining such a position in the Office of Compliance Services in the RF Central Office I have been focused mainly on becoming competent with my responsibilities in order to be a productive member of the OCS Team. Additionally, I have been working to understand the inner workings of the RF, its role with SUNY and my role within it."

Contact information: