Ryan Farrell

Interim Vice President of Internal Audit, RF Central Office


photo of Ryan Farrell


Internal Audit, Risk Management, Internal Controls, Compliance

Mentoring:  Matthew Miller, RF Central Office

Why I want to be a Mentor:

"As I reflect back on my ascension into a leadership position, I credit the mentoring relationships as one of the most beneficial components to my success at the RF. I have been with the RF for six years and I am still fortunate to have two great mentors in a leadership capacity that continue to offer me guidance on professional development opportunities, provide open and honest feedback, insight into true corporate culture, and support through real world problem solving. I truly value the conversations I have with my mentors which have only strengthened my ability to facilitate teamwork and improve working relationships. I would like to use what I have learned over the years to be a resource and a valued adviser to someone so they feel informed and empowered to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations."

Personal Statement:

"I am currently the Interim Vice President for Internal Audit at the RF and lead a team of six audit professionals, each with a unique background and skill set. In my career at the RF, I have been involved in audit engagements at almost all 31 operating locations, across varying disciplines including pre-award and post-award, technology transfer and research compliance so I believe I can be an invaluable resource for a protégé in this organization. And when I am not out protecting the RF from a compliance disaster, I am off traveling the world already having visited 10 countries in Central America, Europe and Asia."


"Short-term goals are underrated, success is not achieved alone, personal accountability is more admirable than personal accolades, and formality is the death of ingenuity."

Commitment to Diversity:

"In my personal and professional life, I have always cultivated close relationships based on a simple principle of mutual respect and recognition of individuals’ unique contributions and experiences. I make it a point to encourage an atmosphere that fosters open commination, challenges the status quo, and embraces new perspectives and experiences that will drive progressive change for the benefit of the team. I believe this commitment will allow me to effectively lead others and model diversity throughout the RF."

Contact Information: