Lynne Graham

Assistant Director for Research Purchasing, University at Albany


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Mentoring:  Megan Jacomine, Central Office

Why I want to be a Mentor:

"I enjoy supporting the growth, development & career progression of my own staff by sharing my knowledge, skills and experience. It is gratifying to see someone advance in their career knowing you have helped that individual in some small way."

Personal Statement:

"Went to the College of St. Rose to become a teacher & after several substitute positions & not able to find a full time opportunity, I went into the Accounting & Purchasing field. Been in purchasing for over 32 years working my way up the ladder from Purchasing Assistant to Purchasing Agent to Assistant Director. I am a member of the American Purchasing Society and in May 2017 the organization included a member profile of me. I have earned the Certified Purchasing Professional & the Certified Professional Purchasing Manager awards from this organization. I love gardening, walking, working on projects around the house, & babysitting my granddaughter with another grandchild on the way."


"Give praise when it is well earned & well deserved. Ask staff how they want to be recognized. Some may want public recognition & others may welcome more subtle & private acknowledgement. By recognizing accomplishments, this will increase morale, retention and recruiting efforts. If there are better ways of accomplishing a task, mention it to the individual constructively, not demeaning their idea."

Commitment to Diversity:

"Working on the UAlbany campus in the Purchasing Dept, I am exposed to a culturally diverse population from faculty members, students, PI?s and coworkers. I also oversee 4 staff members one being a minority. I try to empower individuals to do their best work which boosts strengths, buy-in and recognition. I also ask the question "How can I help you be more successful in your role?" This will build trust, create open lines of communication and sets an example of model behavior. This lets staff members know you have their back."

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