Keith Kaplan

Financial Accounting Manager at The Research Foundation for SUNY, central office.


photo of Keith Kaplan


Financial Reporting and Accounting

Mentoring:  Kurtis Ahart, SUNY Upstate

Why I want to be a mentor:

"I have been fortunate to have gotten great advice from people who have come before me in my career. I feel compelled to repay those people in the most meaningful way- to help others in the same manner and provide advice as well as a sounding board for others."

Personal Statement:

"I have varied interests including a passion for history, engaging in fitness/outdoor pursuits like hiking and running, and local volunteer work through Scouts and my city''s zoning board. My rare time for relaxing is best spent at the beach in south Florida during wintertime."


"In addition to the items noted above, I give very freely of my time and effort to improve workplace culture and provide greater opportunities to employees. I serve on the performance management team, have been a mentor for two years, have served on the Wellbeing team, and am the team captain for the annual workforce challenge."

Commitment to Diversity:

"I meet very frequently with each member of my team to ensure they are on track to complete their annual goals and to ensure they are making progress in their professional development plan. I hold weekly staff meetings to ensure the team shares information and their views on developments in the office. I solicit viewpoints from all staff, regardless of level, to get the best possible answers from diverse viewpoints."

Contact Information: