Betsy Colon

Grants Management Associate, SUNY Geneseo


photo of Betsy Colon


Post Award Activities

Mentoring:  Megan Zabel, University at Buffalo

Why I want to be a Mentor:

"I have managed grants through The Research Foundation for over 12 years. The Research Foundation's Mentor Program is a wonderful opportunity for me to "pay it forward." I have been blessed with many people helping me through my career path. It's simply time for me to give back. While I look forward to sharing and providing insight, I am also excited to listen to and learn from someone new to the field. I believe this experience will be refreshing and rejuvenating for both parties."

Personal Statement:

"Variety and spontaneity is the spice of life for me. I try to enjoy what's present and not to plan too far ahead. While I may be perceived as an extrovert, there's a stillness about me that needs those quiet moments. Priorities in my life are faith, family, and making and taking the time to nurture those relationships near to my heart. I love and respect nature and animals. I spend my spring/summer mornings in my gardens and the fall/winter months over the stove brewing home-made soups, cleaning out a closet or two in my home, crafting, decorating; and when weather allows, long brisk walks and snowmobiling. I like Upstate New York weather & not knowing what tomorrow really will bring. Overall, I am a person who believes in taking care of herself for the betterment of this beautiful world."


"I believe our knowledge, time, talents, and treasures are meant to be shared. By giving of ourselves, we are not only helping others, but fulfilling our true purpose. I met an undergraduate student in spring 2015 who wanted to form SUNY Geneseo's first gospel choir. She had already recruited 20-25 students to sing in the group. However, she needed to develop and present a student's organization proposal for the college's review and approval in order to make the group official. She asked if I would be the group's advisor. What a privilege. I took an active role in helping the student prepare the student organization's proposal for review. Her hard work paid off. In Fall 2015, the Gospel Choir at Geneseo became an official college-registered organization. In 2016, the group hosted their first on-campus concert. As the group's advisor, I am committed to taking an active role by assisting with program planning."

Commitment to Diversity:

"I served a two-year term on SUNY Geneseo's Commission on Diversity & Community. The Commission's main charge was to explore our campus' coordination of diversity effort; recruitment and retention; campus atmosphere; and building community. As a commitment to myself, my campus community, and beyond, I attend various learning and developmental lecturers and events related to diversity and inclusion. One event I participated in was SUNY Geneseo's "Safe Zone" training program. The Safe Zone program attempts to increase awareness and acceptance of sexual diversity, while providing a resource network for individuals with questions or concerns related to sexuality. ( After completing this training I received a "Safe Zone" sticker. This sticker is displayed outside my office door and identifies me as an understanding, supportive and trustworthy individual. I committed to this."

Contact Information: