SUNY Assets and Abstracts



Below is a sample of potential SUNY presenters at SUNY AIR. To read the full-text abstracts, click on the author or contributors name. 

Marie A. Badalamente, Stony Brook University: Development of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (Xiaflex) Injection for Fibroporliferative Diseases

Christine DeLorenzo, Stony Brook University: High Resolution PET and MRI Imaging in Clinical and Healthy Populations

James A. Fallavollita, University at Buffalo: Prediction of ARrhythmic Events with Positron Emission Tomography - PAREPET

Kristen Fry,  SUNY College of Optometry: Clinical Vision Research Center: Implementation of a Quality Clinical Research System

Mark Polhemus, Upstate Medical University: Center for Global Health and Translational Science

Christina Lupone, Upstate Medical University: Infectious Disease Research Platform in Machala, Ecuador

Gene D Morse, University at Buffalo: Global Therapeutics Development and Clinical Health Informatics Implementation

Christopher Glenn Neville, Upstate Medical University: An example of successfully partnering Industry with Academic Medicine for advancing research and clinical care.

Srinivas Pentyala, Stony Brook University: Biocompatible and Biomimetic 3D Bone

Joel Saltz, Tahsin Kurc, Yi Gao, Erich Bremer, Fusheng Wang, Allen Tannenbaum, Andrew White, Jonas Almeida, Elizabeth Vanner, Stony Brook University and Ashish Sharma, Emory University: The Quantitative Imaging in Pathology  (QUIP) Consortium: Tools to Analyze Morphology and Spatially Mapped Molecular Data


SUNY Assets: 

  • Five medical campuses that provide innovative care to diverse patient populations in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Manhattan, Syracuse and Stony Brook, NY
  • Clinical and translational research conducted by leading faculty at other campuses within the SUNY enterprise
  • 5+ million patient records
  • Potential faculty consultants with a wide range of expertise