Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program

The Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) program helps SUNY faculty and students start new companies. This matching grant program allows SUNY campuses to secure the time and skills of private sector entrepreneurs with proven success in starting and managing business ventures.

Having this expertise on site is an invaluable resource for educating more faculty and student inventors, making sound licensing determinations and increasing the odds of success for SUNY spin-off ventures. The EIR helps first-time entrepreneurs understand their responsibilities; manage the pre-commercialization process; and assist with identifying viable early-stage funding sources, submitting grant applications, building relationships with strategic partners and writing business plans. 

EIR funding is awarded through a competitive process. Read about EIR awards. [link to a new page]

Since the program launched in 2013, the RF has assisted nearly 200 faculty members and students, supported the creation of 6 new start-up companies based on SUNY technologies, and helped attract about $550,000 in external investment.  

SUNY Entrepreneur in Resident Program Application and Administrative Guidelines


For more information about EIR:

Email: eir@rfsuny.org