Collaborative Proposal Development

The RF provides guidance and administrative support to SUNY faculty pursuing funding for collaborative, large-scale, multidisciplinary research initiatives, particularly those that align with the Networks of Excellence.

Interdisciplinary research offers advantages for SUNY scientists to make groundbreaking discoveries and advance scientific and technological contributions to society.  Applications for these projects, which can involve many SUNY faculty and multiple external academic and industry collaborators, require more time and planning than individual investigator grants. 

The services available under the Collaborative Proposal Development banner help multi-investigator, multi-campus research teams identify funding opportunities and bring the right people together to write proposals that are internally consistent and limit the use of technical jargon to better accommodate multidisciplinary review groups for the purpose of obtaining awards from federal and state agencies as well as from private foundations.

These services include:

  • Coordinating meetings and facilitating communication among participating investigators
  • Outlining first drafts of proposal overview sections
  • Assigning sections of proposal to be written by individual investigators
  • Writing, editing and proofreading, as needed
  • Reviewing proposals and compiling required attachments
  • Coordinating with campus sponsored programs staff

SUNY, through its Networks of Excellence, also works to pursue foundation funds, which differ substantially from government application processes. The RF supports theses efforts by exploring new opportunities and cultivating relationships with foundations with interests in supporting science and technology endeavors. 

For more information about Collaborative Proposal Development:

Kimberly Eck
(518) 434-7291