Disclosure Forms


> Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Per The Research Foundation Conflict of Interest Policy annual filers (RF Board Members, Officers, and Key Employees) and RF Central Office Employees must submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement through the RF Compliance Management System. All other employees of the Research Foundation must file a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement with the local Operations Manager ("OM") or the appropriate designee(s).

RF Compliance Management System
The RF Compliance Management System should be used by Board memberes, Central Office employess and designated annual filers at campus operating locations to submit required disclosures and complete forms and attestations as assigned.

Individuals responsible for conflicts management at their operating location can access the RF Compliance Management Reviewer Guide here.

Fraud Incident Report
The Fraud Incident Report should be used to report any allegation of fraud or misconduct as outlined in the Fraud and Whistleblower Policy and the Procedure for Investigating Fraud and Misconduct.  In the alternative, any allegation can be made to the RF Ethics Hotline or 800-670-7225.