RF Financials 101

RF Financial Concepts 101 

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 1: Understanding RF Sources of Income 

Funds Generated From Sponsored Programs Administration

Sponsored programs administration is one of the essential services the RF provides to the SUNY research community. The funds that are administered by this service come in the form of grants and contracts for research programs at campuses. The RF manages these funds to ensure compliance with university, grant sponsor and government policies and procedures.

What the Data Shows

In 2016 the RF expects to receive $716.2 million in grants and contracts direct dollars and $125.9 million in indirect dollars, for a total of $842.1 million.

"Nonsponsored & Other Income" is expected to total $10.5 million in 2016. These sources of funds differ from grants and contracts in that they are not given with terms and conditions, such as specific time periods in which the funds must be spent or financial reporting requirements. 

Direct Dollars from Grants and Contracts Are Used to Support Research Programs on Campuses

NE Energy Storage

A new $12.8 million, four-year grant from the Department of Energy will support materials research at Binghamton University.

This research will help accelerate the innovations needed to build a 21st-century energy economy.

Where to Find More Information 

Please refer to the 2016 Operating Plan.