Robert Mason - Senior Director, Grants and Contracts Administration


photo of Robert Mason

Robert S. Mason, MA ’80, started his career in sponsored program administration at SUNY Albany, overseeing program activities affiliated with the Rockefeller College of Public Administration.  Since 1985, Robert has filled progressively responsible positons in the area of sponsored program management at Central Office, culminating with his current title of Senior Director, Grants & Contracts Administration. 

The Grants & Contracts Team that Mr. Mason leads directly: negotiates and executes grants, contracts, and subcontracts; initiates award set up and life-cycle modifications; and executes accounts receivable and close-out responsibilities for 23 campuses.  This administrative model ensures efficiencies by centralizing the services and costs of grant and contract administration for 23 campuses under one office.  In addition, Robert and the team consult, problem-solve and respond to regulatory actions arising from federal and state sponsored award activity, including policy drafting and development, risk management and resolution of audit findings.

Contact Information:

Phone:        (518) 434-7109