RF Central Office Job Openings

The Research Foundation supports The State University of New York by assisting campuses in their efforts to increase research activity, protect University-developed intellectual property, provide high quality administrative support for research and other sponsored programs conducted by SUNY faculty.

Central Office Postings 

Associate Attorney

Benefits Specialist

SPO Postings 

Case Manager - UCAWD (SPO) - NYC

Lab Technology Coordinator - UCAWD (SPO) - Corona

Lab Technology Coordinator - UCAWD (SPO) - Binghamton

Legal Admnistrative Assistant - Charter Schools (SPO) - Albany

Operations Coordinator - COIL Center (SPO) - NYC

Performance and Systems Analyst - (SPO) - Albany or NYC

Project Director - Office of University Life (SPO) - Albany

Project Researcher - Office of University Life (SPO) - Albany

Research Aide - RIG (SPO) - Albany

Senior Research Aide-RIG (SPO) - Groton, CT