SUNY Networks of Excellence

The SUNY Networks of Excellence connect students and faculty with each other and with external funders and private sector experts to spur research and drive innovation, economic opportunity and job growth across New York State.

These networks leverage the substantial resources and facilities at multiple campuses to elevate SUNY’s scientific prominence, increase the number of research applications and awards, and educate New York’s next-generation workforce.

Each network assembles scientists, scholars, and external partners from SUNY campuses to conduct collaborative research in high demand areas:

SUNY’s Six Networks of Excellence are:

  • SUNY 4E (Energy, Environment, Economics and Education) – Focuses on research across SUNY related to energy and the environment with associated economic considerations and educational programming. Sustainability and environmental research are key areas of interest. In 2014, SUNY 4E invested $778,000 in multidisciplinary research projects on topics including biosensors, water resources, climate, as well as energy sources, use, management, and storage.
  • SUNY Health– Maximizes SUNY’s diverse health-related assets to support basic, clinical, and public health research. In 2014, SUNY Health invested $900,000 in a variety of areas, including clinical applications of 3D printing, treatments for infectious disease, biosensors, big data, and aging. 
  • SUNY Brain– Advances the frontiers of neuroscience research by integrating current investments in neurosciences, neuroclinical services, and analytic sciences at multiple SUNY campuses. In 2014, SUNY Brain invested $800,000 in the areas of vision and brain mapping; plus provided research opportunities for 13 SUNY undergraduate students through the Brain Summer Scholars program.
  • SUNY Materials and Advanced Manufacturing (MAM) – Applies SUNY’s capacity to innovate to revitalize New York’s manufacturing sector. The ultimate objective is to establish a single statewide voice for materials and advanced manufacturing research to ensure continued public-private collaboration and success in innovation and the pursuit of federal funding. In 2014, SUNY MAM invested $710,000 in the areas of in the areas of biomaterials, energy materials, flexible electronics, green composite materials, digital and additive manufacturing, functional and responsive materials, informatics, characterization, and education.
  • SUNY Arts and Humanities– Creates a dynamic mechanism for engaging SUNYs vast creative and humanities assets to find answers to contemporary problems, promote knowledge and discovery, and position SUNY as a global thought leader. The faculty involved in SUNY Arts and Humanities will meet for the first time in late 2014 to define its areas of focus.
  • SUNY Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) – Includes experts in cognitive learning, learning and knowledge assessment, and innovative teaching strategies. The faculty involved in SUNY TLA will gather for the first time in late 2014 to define its areas of focus.

By sharing knowledge, facilities and ideas in these critical areas of research, SUNY’s Networks of Excellence positions SUNY as a national and international thought leader that competes aggressively for research grants and advances the commercialization of promising and effective strategies for the benefit of New York.

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