Latoya Jackson

Project Staff Assistant, University at Albany (PDP)


Latoya Jackson, Project Staff Assistant, University at Albany (PDP)

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
I am hoping to develop my presentation/public speaking skills, clarify goals, identify skills gaps and educational/training needs for personal and professional development, expand Project Management skills and leadership development knowledge, and learn about best practices for giving and receiving feedback.

Personal Statement:

I have been with the Research Foundation (RF) for SUNY for almost 25 years and at present coordinate and monitor high-level leadership development programs for state employees. During my time within the RF I have supervised, trained, and mentored staff, was promoted several times, and most recently awarded PDP's Outstanding Professional Staff Award in 2017. My primary focus outside of work has always been my family and my commitment to them left little time for pursuing personal or professional goals with consistency, that is, until now. Now that my children are grown and pursuing their own goals, it is time for me to identify my own needs and career aspirations, and for me the mentoring program is a step forward in that direction. I also love cooking and spending time with family and friends, learning about others and from their experiences and unique perspectives, and enjoy reading self-development books and articles.

1) Expand Project Management skills and knowledge of leadership development. 2) Clarify career aspirations and identify skills gaps and educational/training needs to achieve goals. 3) Develop a short introductory diabetes management and informational session for the newly diagnosed and their families that includes helpful tips on assisting them in emergency situations.

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